Two Red Panda cubs born in Nuremberg (Germany)

Rote Pandababys im Tiergarten Nürnberg

The Red Panda cubs born at Tiergarten Nürnberg in Germany. Photo: Bine John / Tiergarten Nürnberg


The Tiergarten Nürnberg (Zoo Nuremberg) in Germany has announced the birth of two red panda cubs. They were born on Friday, June 26. Her mother, the 7-year-old Patna, lives since August 2011 in Nürnberg, father Rex Junior, who was born in Italy, since May 2012.

Rote Pandababys im Tiergarten Nürnberg

One very curious cub. Photo: Bina John / Tiergarten Nürnberg


The zoo participates in the Red Panda EEP Forest Guardians Programme to protect the habitat of the red pandas in Nepal.

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