Romeo and Tabea are worth a visit

Roter Panda Katzenbär Romeo Tierpark Berlin
Romeo welcomes us at Tierpark Berlin. Photo: Red Pandazine – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Friday morning in Berlin. At the Tierpark Berlin – one of the two zoos in the capital of Germany and one of the biggest in Europe – the animals and even the visitors are slowly waking up. Only the Red Pandas in their enclosure are showing some activity already.

Hungry Romeo

The young boy with the snowwhite face is called Romeo. He was born in Norway three years ago and this morning it seems that he is looking for food. Sometimes he pays attention to us and stares at us with his little eyes.

Roter Panda Katzenbär Tabea Tierpark Berlin
Tabea looks at her Romeo. Photo: Red Pandazine – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Female Red Panda Tabea chooses a softer start. She was born in Zoo Dresden (Germany) two years ago and prefers to sleep on top of the tree inside the enclosure. After a while she starts to clean her tail.

Eye to eye

“They are the best. You can watch them for hours,” says a man in typical Berlin dialect. He introduces us to the two Red Pandas, after that he moves on.

The man is right. Watching the Red Pandas at Tierpark Berlin is pure joy. They are lovely and the enclosure hasn’t got any fences or glass panels – so you can see them perfectly.

It also looks big enough for the Red Pandas. And if there are to much visitors (and noise), the Red Pandas always have the possibility to go to a shelter.

Little acrobats

Once again Romeo tries to find some food. Headfirst he is hanging on a branch. Tabea tries her luck as well, but – they have to wait for feeding time. So both decide to run to the little hole and take a rest in the shelter.


Photos: Red Pandazine – CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


Visit the official website of Tierpark Berlin for more information.