New hope for a Red Panda love story

Red Panda Sundar Photo Wellington Zoo

Male Red Panda Sundar – can his mate Khusi resist to this eyes? We don’t think so. Photo: Wellington Zoo

Wellington Zoo has a new Red Panda. Sundar, a one-year-old male Red Panda with “a very laidback nature”, came from Auckland Zoo to join the international conservation breeding programme at the zoo of New Zealand’s capital.

There he met his new partner Khusi, a female Red Panda of the same age, who arrived at the Wellington Zoo in March 2015.

Sundar and Khusi have been slowly introduced to each other over the last week. Visitors can now see them outside together in the Red Panda habitat, next door to males Ishah and Manasa.

“We have high hopes that Sundar and Khusi will continue to get on well. Our current main focus is making sure they’re comfortable in their new habitat, and if all goes well we’ll look at pairing them up for the 2017 breeding season,” said Paul Horton, Wellington Zoo Life Sciences Manager.


Visitors can meet Sundar and the Zoo’s other Red Pandas in a Close Encounter, and learn more about how they can help Red Pandas in the wild. 10% from every Red Panda Close Encounter goes directly to the Wellington Zoo Conservation Fund, helping to save animals in the wild.

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