New documentary film about Red Pandas

Foto: wwarby - Attribution License -
Photo: wwarby – Attribution License –

Red Panda fans have long awaited this news. Behavioral biologist Dr. Axel Gebauer – one of the leading Red Panda experts – is currently shooting a documentary film about his favorite animal in the Himalayas. He is working as a wildlife photographer for more than 40 years and started to make films in 2009.

Large production

The documentary will be released next year. Several German TV-stations support the project, which should give an insight into the life of the Red Pandas in their natural habitat – like famous Cherub of the Mist” ten years ago.

First trailer

The first very promising trailer can be watched here.

An interview with Dr. Axel Gebauer will be published this May on Red Pandazine.

Find more news and a Making Of on the official Website of Dr. Axel Gebauer.