Two Red Panda twins within one year

rote pandas zoo liberec

The Red Panda twins are the second offspring of mother Lotus and father Kamala. Photo: Zoo Liberec


The world has two more „pandy červené“. At Zoo Liberec in Czech Republic Red Panda mother Lotus gave birth to two Red Pandas.

Their sex has not yet been determined to avoid disturbances for mother and cubs in this important first weeks.


Second offspring

Mother Lotus was born in Zoo Bordeaux (France), father Kamala came from Paradise Park in Hayle. Last year they also had offspring. Female Red Panda Jia-Li und her brother Deshi are now living in other European zoos.


Turbulent history

Since 2005 there are Red Pandas at Zoo Liberec. First there were female Red Panda Hanja and her male counterpart Paddy – but there was a snag. It turned out that Paddy was a female Red Panda. She moved to Zoo Vienna. After that male Red Panda Japp was supposed to provide offspring. But this constellation didn’t work too. According to a zookeeper one reason could be in the previous enclosure which was maybe too close to the large carnivores of the zoo.

rote pandas kamala lotus jia-li zoo liberec

Father Kamala, daughter Jia-Li and mother Lotus (left to right). Photo: Zoo Liberec

New enclosure

Today the Red Pandas live next to the seals. If you want to see the young Red Pandas at the new enclosure you’ll have to be patient. The newborn cubs are expected to stay in the den with their mum until the end of September. After that they will have their public debut.

roter panda zoo liberec foto zoo liberec

The Red Panda cubs will have their public debut in September. Photo: Zoo Liberec

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