Red Panda twins born at Longleat

red panda twins longleat
The young Red Panda twins in the nesting box. Photo: Longleat

Two Red Panda cubs were born at Longleat to mother Rufina and father Ajenda. It’s only the second time the Red Pandas have bred successfully at the wildlife attraction in Wiltshire (England).

Mother Rufina, which means “Red-haired” arrived from Italy in 2013. Her partner Ajenda (“King of the mountain”) came from Germany.

Red Panda mother Rufina with one of the cubs. Photo: Longleat
Two female Red Pandas?

“We’re delighted with how well Rufina is looking after the young cubs and both mother and babies are doing brilliantly,” says Keeper Sam Allworthy, who is “pretty sure, that both babies are female”.