Where to go on International Red Panda Day 2016

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This Saturday is about protecting Red Pandas. Photo: Red Pandazine – CC BY 4.0


International Red Panda Day is coming! On Saturday September 17th zoos all over the world will celebrate our favorite animal.


International Red Panda Day in the USA


Zoo Atlanta

On Saturday, September 17, the Zoo Atlanta has a special Red Panda Keeper Talk. You can support the Red Panda Network with a limited-edition button. Recommended dress code: wear the official Red Panda mask that you can download on the website of Zoo Atlanta. The zoo also wants to see your photos so don’t forget to tag Zoo Atlanta and use #OnlyZooATL


Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Visit the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse, New York, on Saturday, September 17 from 10 am to 3 pm for keeper chats, animal demos and a Red Panda Ranger activity booklet for the first 250 children. For a small donation enter for a chance to take home a one-of-a kind painting by Red Panda Kadesh or have your face painted just like a Red Panda.

Update – Rosamond Gifford Zoo announced birth of two Red Panda cubs!


Akron Zoo

Also the Akron Zoo in Akron, Ohio, will have a special programme on Saturday, September 17, from 10 am to 3 pm. Enjoy a keeper talk at 11:30 am and a training demonstration at 2 pm with Red Panda Zheng.


International Red Panda Day in Great Britain


Dudley Zoo

On Saturday and Sunday the Dudley Zoo in England celebrates the International Red Panda Day together with Yasmin and Gawa, the Red Pandas of the zoo. On both days there will be a talk and feed at 2.15 pm. Children can gain entry for just £1. You only need to download and print the voucher from the website of Dudley Zoo.


Shepreth Wildlife Park

On Saturday the Shepreth Wildlife Park (East of England) invites you to lots of fun activities like face painting, children’s entertainment, auctions and scheduled talks throughout the day.


Lake District Wildlife Park

In North-West England the Lake District Wildlife Park “sees RED” on Saturday 17th September. There will be games and educational activities the whole day – and also the Red Pandas Meili and Charu. All proceeds support the Red Panda Network and the people of Nepal who were affected by the devastating earthquakes last year.


International Red Panda Day in other countries


If you stay in Germany or Austria you can visit our German page with events in the zoos. For Red Panda fans in France we recommend the CPPR (Connaître et Protéger le Panda Roux).

Learn more

All participants of International Red Panda Day 2016 are listed on the Red Panda Network website. Visit Red Pandazine’s special page with the best postings about #IRPD2016.