Red Panda boys Khairo and Chiya had their public debut at Calgary Zoo

red panda twins calgary zoo
Red Panda Khairo and Chiya at Calgary Zoo. Photo: Calgary Zoo

Two male Red Panda cubs who were born on June 21 at Calgary Zoo, Canada, are now introduced to the public. In an online contest, the majority of the over 1.600 participants have chosen the names Khairo (“brown”) and Chiya (“tea”) for the two boys.

Second birth since 2015

It’s the second time that Red Panda mother Sakura and father Dusk become parents. “The cubs have been very bonded with their mom, “ says Matt Korhonen, Curator of the Eurasia section at Calgary Zoo. “We ‘re so pleased that our husbandry practices combined with a strong female like Sakura has allowed us to be successful with our conservation efforts with this endangered species.”

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Visit the website of Calgary Zoo for more photos and videos about the Red Pandas.