Three year old Red Panda mother Maina dies at Chattanooga Zoo

red panda maina chattanooga zoo

Red Panda Maina died at Chattanooga Zoo. Photo: Chattanooga Zoo

Sad news from Chattanooga Zoo in Tennessee. According to the zoo, the three year old Red Panda mother Maina was found dead in the outdoor Red Panda exhibit. There were no signs of an illness. The zoo staff is shocked – an full necropsy examination has been ordered. First results are expected in about ten weeks.

First Red Panda cubs in danger

Maina’s yet unnamed male Red Panda twins are just three months old. They are Chattanooga Zoo’s first Red Panda cubs.

red panda babies photo Chattanooga Zoo

The two male Red Panda cubs were born at Chattanooga Zoo on July 10. Now they lost their mother. Photo: Chattanooga Zoo

“As a supplement, the Chattanooga Zoo has started the cubs on formula along with a mashed biscuit diet, which we are currently hand feeding 3 times a day”, says Chattanooga Zoo on Instagram.

According to the Washington Times the cubs have lost weight within 48 hours after the dead of their mother but now have regained the weight. It’s not sure if both could survive.

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