The Best Christmas Presents For Red Panda Fans

red panda presents mark dumont
Yes, all for me! Photo: „Panda Presents 1“ by Mark Dumont on flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0


Only one month left until Christmas. It’s time to think about some nice gifts for Red Panda fans.

Here is our collection of small and not so small presents for a very furry Christmas.

For the perfectly organised Red Panda

Weekly Planner Notepad

It isn’t unusual for a Red Panda to sleep 15 hours a day. To spend the rest of the day in an efficient way Papio Press has created this wonderful weekly planner notepad. Price: £8,- 


January, February, March and Panda. Vienna’s Tiergarten Schönbrunn offers a very nice calendar called “Charakterköpfe 2017” by Daniel Zupanc who photographed the animals of the famous zoo in an very personal way. And: There is also a portrait of a beautiful Red Panda. Buy it at Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna or online. Price: €14,90,- 

Wall clock

Liz Climo works as animator for “The Simpsons”. She is also a children’s book author and draws lovely illustrations of a Red Panda and his best friend, a little bird. We love this cute wall clock. Price: $30,- 


These pouches are made by Japanese SeabreezeStudio. They are available on Etsy as long box pouch, mini zipper pouch and flat zipper pouch. Be aware that the shipping from Japan could take a little more time! Price: $7 – 16,-

For stylish Red Pandas


Jean Michel Panda is maybe the best thinkable name for a fashion label. These French “Panda Roux” T-Shirts are really an eyecatcher.  Price: €29,90,


Red Panda, the latest addition to ModSock’s original line. So cute! #ModSock #socks #redpanda #cute

Ein von ModSock (@modsock) gepostetes Foto am

Red Pandas like it cold but most people don’t. These Red Panda knee socks by Mod Sock protect you from nasty cold feet. Price: $10,-

For Traveling Red Pandas 

Zoo encounters

Wellington Zoo Red Panda Close Encounter
Photo: “Wellington Zoo Red Panda Close Encounter” by Jem Yoshioka on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Zoos around the world offer the possibility to meet and feed Red Pandas. We have a small summary about these offers on our German website. You don’t speak German? No problem. You only have to follow the links in the article.


The Ecotrips by the Red Panda Network are a unique wildlife and cultural experience. There are a 8-day-long trip for everybody and also a 12-day-long trip especially for zoo stuff and volunteers available. Price: $2,350,- (international airfare to Nepal not included)

Small gifts for Red Pandas


Look what we have found. #redpanda #pandaroux #pandarojo #pandacervena #linz #zoo #gift #keychain

Ein von Red Pandazine (@redpandazine) gepostetes Foto am

Panda to go. These keychain made from wood is available in many zoo shops.

Coffee mug

Start you day with a Red Panda smiling at you. This coffee mug can be ordered in the onlineshop of Austrian Tierwelt Herberstein. Price: €9,99,-


Czech Prague Zoo offers this Mandala book which an Red Panda to color. Don’t forget to buy some colored pencils in red and brown. Price CZK 220,- 

Book “Luna und der Katzenbär”

©cbj Verlag / Udo Weigelt, Joëlle Tourlonias: „Luna und der Katzenbär“
©cbj Verlag / Udo Weigelt, Joëlle Tourlonias: „Luna und der Katzenbär“

Unfortunately “Luna und der Katzenbär” is only available in German. But maybe this heartwarming book is a good choice for young Red Panda fans who want to learn German. Price: about €10,-

Plastic figure

Safari Ltd. has one of the most realistic Red Panda figures. Price: $4,99,-

For dedicated Red Pandas

“Red Panda, Biology and Conservation of the First Panda” by Angela R. Glatston

Red Panda, Biology and Conservation of the First Panda” by Angela R. Glatston is the ultimate science book about Red Pandas. It’s a collection of scientific articles that covers anatomy, evolution and cultural aspects of Red Pandas. Price: Hardcover about $100,-

Donations and adoptions

Adoptions and donations are one of the most meaningful gifts. Red Pandas are in threat and they need every help they could get. And you also help the people who live in or next to the Red Panda habitat.

The Red Panda Network focuses its work in Eastern Nepal. You can (symbolic) adopt a Red Panda and get a certificate. Regular donations can also be contributed. Red Panda Network also cooperates with so called Forest Guardians who work to protect the Red Pandas. You can also support the Forest Guardians.

The WWF Germany is working in Indian state Sikkim on conservation projects for the Red Panda: Read more (in German) and donate here.

Note: All prices are without guarantee.