Deceased Red Panda Shredder had a heart disease


Male Red Panda Shredder at Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown (Pennsylvania) has died last week due to a heart disease. According to a statement of the zoo the veterinarian and zookeepers performed an emergency evaluation because Shredder showed labored breathing. Despite medical treatment, he died within a few hours.

An autopsy showed that the 2-year-old Red Panda had an enlarged heart, thickened heart walls and pulmonary edema. The Elmwood Park Zoo has now scheduled a heart examination for Shredder’s brother Slash.

“Research from zoos across the country shows that heart disease such as cardiomyopathy can be a common cause of death in young red pandas,” said Dr. Adam Denish, Elmwood Park Zoo’s veterinarian.


In Dezember 2015 Shredder’s brother Clinger died of a meningoencephalitis (brain inflammation) likely caused by a parasite.

The three brothers came in spring 2015 from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute to Elmwood Park Zoo.


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