Four Red Pandas move to Natur’Zoo de Mervent

red panda natur'zoo de mervent
One of the new Red Pandas at Natur’Zoo de Mervent. Photo: Natur’Zoo de Mervent


2017 is the year of the Red Panda for Natur’Zoo de Mervent in France: four animals will move to the zoo.

Pandabrothers Mushu and Nakao

Two male Red Pandas Mushu and Nakao arrived some days ago at their enclosure. The brothers were born in June 2015 at Palmyre Zoo (Southwest of France).

Two more Red Pandas will soon arrive in Mervent. One of these pandas will only stay for a short time and then move to another zoo.

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Check out the website of Natur’Zoo de Mervent and for more news about the Red Pandas the Facebook page of the zoo.