Drayton Manor Park Zoo has welcomed Tika and Pema

red pandas drayton manor zoo keith lloyd
Tika and Pema moved in May to Drayton Manor Park Zoo. Photo: Keith Lloyd

Drayton Manor Park Zoo in Staffordshire welcomes two new arrivals. Female Red Pandas Tika and Pema – both 11 months old – moved from Longleat Safari Park to their new home in May.

red pandas drayton manor zoo keith lloyd
Both Red Pandas are exploring their new enclosure. Photo: Keith Lloyd

“The population of the Red Panda is declining in the Eastern Himalayas, which makes up for 50% of their habitat, so conservation is increasingly important. They join a number of rare and endangered animals at Drayton Manor Zoo including Obie the baby Tapir, and Kit and Leo, twin Cotton-Top Tamarins”, says Zoo Manager Chris Mitchell.

The zoo cooperates with the Red Panda Network.

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