Woodland Park Zoo mourns death of Red Panda Stellar

red panda stellar woodland park zoo

Stellar arrived in 2008 from Canada. Photo: Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo

Very sad news from Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle: 10-year-old female Red Panda Stellar died last week.

In the past couple of weeks she suffered from pain. A diagnostic exam by the zoo’s veterinary team revealed anemia, electrolyte abnormalities and skin lesions. Although she got medical care her health status worsened. A second exam showed that she had developed severe fluid accumulation in her chest which restricted her breathing. Due to the grave prognosis, the zoo made the decision to euthanize her.

red panda stellar woodland park zoo

Stellar, getting an ultrasound. Photo: Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo

A Great Personality

Stellar moved in 2008 from Edmonton Valley Zoo in Alberta, Canada, under a conservation breeding programm. At her new home zookeepers trained her for non-invasive ultrasound exams. “While Stellar would snack on blueberries or leaf-eater biscuits soaked in apple juice, she allowed our keepers and veterinary team to perform this diagnostic procedure over the past couple of years,” said Mark Myers, a curator at Woodland Park Zoo. Unfortunately, the Red Panda did not have any viable offspring.

“Stellar had a great personality and an adorable face that was hard to resist. She held a very special place in the hearts of her keepers and those in the community who had the pleasure of meeting her during special behind-the-scenes tours.”

red panda stellar woodland park zoo

Stellar “had an adorable face that was hard to resist”. Photo: John Loughlin/Woodland Park Zoo

Three Red Pandas

Woodland Park Zoo now houses three Red Pandas: famous 3-year-old male Red Panda Carson, Yukiko, a 12-year-old male and Hazel, a 1-year-old female who arrived in March.

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Check out Woodland Park Zoo’s website where you can find a story about Stellar’s ultrasound exams. And you can also adopt a Red Panda!

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