16-year-old Red Panda becomes father of four cubs

red panda odense zoo roter panda
The 16-year-old Red Panda is the oldest in Denmark. Photo: Odense Zoo/Ard Jongsma

A 16-year-old male Red Panda at Odense Zoo in Denmark has surprisingly become a father of four Red Panda cubs from two females.

One mother has born three, the other Red Panda mom one baby. Zookeepers at the Odense Zoo discovered the cubs.

Video shows mother with cub

“We thought, that the chances were low that he would make the females pregnant, because he is old and both females have just become sexually mature,” says Nina Collatz Christensen, Zoologist at Odense Zoo.

The zoo has released a video on Facebook, which shows one of the mothers carring a cub.

With his 16 years, the father has reached a proud age. The average Red Panda in captivity lives around 10 years.

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Check out Odense Zoo’s website (in Danish). TV channel TV2 also reports about the four cubs.

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