One, two, three Red Pandas move to Woburn Safari Park

red panda mambo woburn safari park
One-year-old female Red Panda Mambo moved from Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park to Woburn Safari Park. Photo: Woburn Safari Park

Three Red Pandas are moving to Woburn Safari Park in England. One-year-old female Red Panda Mali lives since July at the “Himalayan Heights” – the Red Panda enclosure of the zoo. In August Mambo, a female Red Panda in the same age, has joined her in the brand new built home.

red panda mali woburn safari park
Red Panda Mali was the first of three Red Pandas who will find a new home at Woburn Safari Park. Photo: Woburn Safari Park

According to the Woburn Safari Park a third young female Red Panda will soon move to the “Himalayan Heights”.

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Check out this video of Mali and Mambo. More information about the new arrivals on Woburn Safari Park’s website.