Detroit Zoo: $500,000 donation for new Red Panda habitat

red panda forest detroit
Red Panda Ta Shi at Detroit Zoo. Photo by Maia C

“Red Panda Forest” will be the name of a new habitat for Ravi, Ash and Ta-Shi. The three Red Pandas of the Detroit Zoo will get their new home thanks in part to a $500,000 gift from the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation. The total cost of the Red Panda habitat is estimated to more than $700,000.

More space, better views

According to the official statement of the zoo, the new home “will provide a larger and more stimulation naturalistic environment that ensures the Red Pandas’ overall well-being”.

The size of the habitat will expand from about 4,000 square feet to more than 14,000 square feet and will include a flowing stream, an evolved arboreal pathway and some misting areas. A new rope walkway should allow the visitors a better view on the animals. And also the indoor areas will get an upgrade.

Learning experiences

An important part of the project is education about Red Pandas and the threats they face. Interactive learning experiences should bring the visitors closer to the animals and their natural habitat.

The Detroit Zoological Society and the Holtzman Wildlife Foundation support the conservation work of the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal.

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