Premature birth: Red Panda cub dies at Oklahoma City Zoo

premature birth red panda
Red Panda mother Leela remains in good health after the delivery. Photo: Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo mourns the death of a female Red Panda cub just one day after she was born.

Four-year-old mother Leela gave birth to the girl on Monday, June 18, in the morning hours – about 8 to 10 days too early. It was Leela’s first birth and she took great care of the child.

Premature birth with less weight

The newborn was underweight and had only 67 grams instead of the usual 100 grams at birth.

The next day the offspring died. A necropsy is supposed to clarify the background.

Difficult first weeks of life

Newborn Red Pandas are particularly sensitive and the mortality rate in the first weeks of life is very high.

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