Chester Zoo welcomes Red Panda Koda

Footage: Chester Zoo / Edited by Red Pandazine

One-year-old male Red Panda Koda is the new companion for female Nima at Chester Zoo in England.

red panda koda chester zoo
Koda was born at Paradise Park in Cornwall. Photo: Chester Zoo

He moved from Paradise Park in Cornwall and arrived on 6 June at his new stay.

Koda and Nima are genetically well matched and have been slowly introduced to one another by the Chester Zoo’s expert team.

red panda koda chester zoo
Koda is the ideal genetic pairing for female Red Panda Nima. Photo: Chester Zoo

“Although slightly shy at the beginning, he soon built up enough confidence to introduce himself to our resident female, Nima – which is a really encouraging sign”, says Tim Rowlands, Curator of Mammals at Chester Zoo. He and the staff hopes that Koda and Nima will provide offspring in the future.

red panda koda chester zoo
At first Koda was a little bit shy. Photo: Chester Zoo

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