Zeya and Ila returned safe and sound

rote pandas sujet
Red Pandas are considered skilled climbers. Ila and Zeya are no exception. Symbol photo: Red Pandazine

The 6-month-old Red Pandas Zeya and Ila have returned safely to their enclosure at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle (USA). According to the zoo, a small branch had broken on which the two panda females were sitting. It landed outside the enclosure and the Red Pandas escaped. On the morning of December 26, 2018, a keeper discovered the sisters outside their enclosure and immediately called for help.

Lured by food

Zeya had climbed on a tree next to the panda enclosure, was lured with food and returned safely to her home around midnight.

Ila had already moved a little further and had also settled on a tall tree. Animal keepers and the safety staff secured the area and waited for Ila to climb down on her own. This was to prevent the animal from falling down in fear. With apples, her favourite food, she was finally lured from the tree and returned to the enclosure the following day at noon.

Biting Panda

An examination by the zoo’s veterinary team did not reveal any injuries to the Red Pandas. However, an animal keeper got a small bite and scratch while rescuing Ila.

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The official statement of Woodland Park Zoo. (PDF download)

Zeya and Ila were born on June 19, 2018 to Hazel and Yukiko. Red Pandazine reported:

Woodland Park Zoo: First Red Panda birth since 29 years