Smile! Peter meets Mei Mei in his new home at Marwell Zoo

red panda peter marwell zoo
Happiness is a Red Panda: Peter at his new home at Marwell Zoo. Photo: Jason Brown

Three-year-old Red Panda Peter has moved from the Dutch Gaia Zoo to the Marwell Zoo in Hampshire (UK), where he joins the female Red Panda Mei Mei in a newly designed enclosure.

“Peter has settled in really well to his new home with Mei Mei. They don’t seem fazed by one another and Peter has done a lot of relaxing and snoozing, which is what we’d expected,” says Carrie Arnold, animal keeper at Marwell Zoo.

red panda peter marwell zoo
A lot of things to explore for Peter. Photo: Jason Brown

The zoo hopes that the couple will be able to provide offspring in the future.

Mei Mei and Peter’s new enclosure features planted bamboo, thick low-lying bushes, coniferous and deciduous trees as well as climbing structures for the pandas to pass people overhead.

red panda peter marwell zoo
Peter is only three years old, but already a hot contender for the most photogenic Red Panda of 2019. Photo: Jason Brown

The new home also has multi-level viewing windows, giving visitors a good chance to see the Red Pandas.

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Marwell Zoo offers more information about the Red Pandas – and you can also adopt them.