Red Panda Zou is the perfect match for Germaine

red panda zou newquay zoo

Female Red Panda Zou moved from France to Cornwall. Photo: Newquay Zoo

Red Panda Germaine at Newquay Zoo in Cornwall isn’t a bachelor anymore. From now on the 8-year-old panda female Zou, who recently moved from Touroparc in the north of Lyon (France) to England, will keep him company.


The keepers at the Newquay Zoo researched the international studbook to select a perfect partner for Germaine, in order to secure genetic diversity and prevent inbreeding.

“Zou has spent the past few days exploring her new home and introducing herself to Germaine. We are very excited for the pairing and hope that they will go on to have fluffy little cubs in the future!”, says Mike Downman, Senior Carnivore Keeper at Newquay Zoo.

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