Surprising Red Panda birth in France

Red Panda Mushu with her newborn. Photo: Marie Demoulin

Parc Animalier d’Auvergne in France has a small and very fluffy new resident. Female Red Panda Mushu gave unexpectedly birth to a baby. On Sunday June 9th, zoo visitors heard the offspring shouting and informed the keepers.

The baby was born a few weeks ago. Photo: Marie Demoulin

The newborn Red Panda is not the first surprise from Mushu this year. In March she made news because she escaped from the zoo.

Obviously, Mushu’s runaway had no negative impact on her relationship with male Red Panda Ibet.

The Red Panda mother carries her child carefully. Photo: Marie Demoulin
Support for Red Panda Network

To protect the Red Pandas in the western Nepal, the Parc Animalier d’Auvergne supports the Red Panda Network. This year, a donation of 22,000 euros is targeted for the conservation project.

Video: Marie Demoulin

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On the website of Parc Animalier d’Auvergne you can find more information about the Red Pandas (in French).