Researchers recommend vaccinations for Red Pandas against distemper

Red pandas can also get canine distemper. Photo: S. H. Li on Pixabay

Canine distemper is a viral disease, which can infect and kill dogs as well as Red Pandas. Dogs have been vaccinated against the disease for decades.

Researchers have now investigated the use of two vaccines (without the “living” distemper virus) for Red Pandas. Their recommendation: Red Pandas should receive three vaccinations and then an annual refresher.

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Edward C. Ramsay, Timothy A. Georoff, Caitlin Burrell, Eman Anis, Rebecca P. Wilkes “RED PANDAS’ (AILURUS FULGENS) SEROLOGICAL RESPONSE TO CANARYPOX-VECTORED CANINE DISTEMPER VACCINES,” Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine, 50(2), 478-481, (13 June 2019)