Red Pandas Shine and Joel at Tierpark Berlin Became Parents

On June 28, the seven-year-old female Red Panda Shine gave birth for the second time at Tierpark Berlin. The father of the Red Panda cub is Joel — the pair came to Tierpark Berlin last year on the recommendation of the international conservation breeding program.

Roter Panda Jungtier im Tierpark Berlin
Photo: Tierpark Berlin

The Red Panda weighs 1.4 kg and is a boy. The sex was determined during the first veterinary examination in September. The cub received a vaccination against distemper, which is fatal to Red Pandas, and was also chipped.

Das Rote Panda Jungtier im Tierpark Berlin wird geimpft
Photo: Tierpark Berlin

According to the zoo, the Red Panda cub initially made itself known by “quietly smacking its lips.” “It wasn’t until seven weeks later that we got a brief glimpse of the offspring,” curator Dr. Florian Sicks explains.

Eine Tierpflegerin des Tierparks Berlin hält das Rote Panda Jungtier
Photo: Tierpark Berlin

For Tierpark Berlin, this is the second year in a row that the Red Pandas have provided offspring. Last year’s cub, Loha, now lives in a Belgian zoo.

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Further information about the birth and the vaccination of the Red Panda on the zoo’s website (in German).