The Best Gifts for Red Panda Fans 2021

The good news for 2021: there are still Red Pandas. But we prefer not to say much about the rest that happened this year.

Anyway, it’s time to give someone (or even yourself) a little joy with some Red Panda gifts. Here are our recommendations:*

*Important note: This list has been researched to the best of our knowledge. Red Pandazine does not receive any commission for this and is not economically connected with any of the manufacturers. All information is without guarantee!

Photo: Marc Dumont/Flickr — license: CC BY-NC 2.0

Holiday reading for aspiring Red Panda experts is provided by Angela Glatston. Her updated second edition of “Red Panda — Biology and Conservation of the First Panda” focuses more on issues of genetics, but also on the dangers of climate change for Red Pandas.

Red Panda
Biology and Conservation of the First Panda

2nd Edition

Published October 27, 2021
Academic Press/Elsevier
608 pp.


There are many Red Panda T-shirts. Unfortunately, most of the motifs oscillate between cliché and lovelessly printed stock photos. The designs of graphic artist Jack Bloom are quite different! In his fantastic Red Bubble shop, he portrays Red Pandas as sumo ringers.

Photo: Jack Bloom/Red Bubble

And — by the way — have you seen his logo?


Last year we already recommended Feles Creations from Italy. If you’re quick, you can still grab this Red Panda purse.

red panda purse
Photo: Feles Creations


Unusual times call for unusual cuddly toys — like this Red Panda from Flat Bonnie, with who we immediately fell in love.

Photo: Flat Bonnie


More classic is this Red Panda stuffed animal. It comes with a donation to the WWF.


There are people who simply have everything. And there are people who have almost nothing. And then there are red pandas who also need help. Everyone benefits from our final gift suggestion. With a monthly donation to the Red Panda Network, you can proudly call yourself a “Panda Guardian” and at the same time, you support the Forest Guardians in their work in Nepal. It is also possible to take over symbolic adoptions for Red Pandas in the wild. Depending on the amount of the donation, you will receive a stuffed animal or a calendar.

closeup photo of brown and white animals
Photo by Bill Settle on

PS: You know who’s looking good? That’s right, you in that Red Panda tank shirt. You are welcome!