Pairi Daiza Foundation Supports Reforestation in Eastern Nepal

Red Pandas live in the mountain forests of the Himalayan region. This habitat is being destroyed and fragmented by agriculture, forestry and road construction. The non-profit Pairi Daiza Foundation of the Belgian zoo of the same name has therefore started supporting a reforestation initiative of the Red Panda Network since this year. The goal of this project is to restore 90 hectares of habitat in the districts of Panchthar, Ilam and Taplejung in eastern Nepal. According to studies, a quarter of Nepal’s Red Panda population lives there. Thanks to the reforestation, a corridor will be created that allows the Red Pandas to move freely between protected areas and other – still unprotected – habitats.

To implement this project, the Pairi Daiza Foundation is providing a budget of 9,000 euros. With this money, trees are planted and fences are erected. A large part of these measures is implemented by the local population. To keep an eye on the welfare of the Red Pandas, several Forest Guardians are also receiving further training.

In addition to the Red Pandas, other animal species such as clouded leopards and pangolins also benefit from this conservation program.