The Best Gifts for Red Panda Fans 2024

Photo: Panda Presents 2 by Mark DumontCC BY-NC 2.0

Make Red Panda fans happy with these gifts.


As every year, this list has been researched to the best of our knowledge. Red Pandazine does not receive any commission for this and is not economically connected with any of the manufacturers. All information is without guarantee!


The WWF has some great gift ideas for Red Panda fans.

For a donation, you can get this Red Panda Ornament, a Red Panda Booblehead or a Red Panda t-shirt.


We already recommended this Mini Guide to Red Pandas from Lyndsey Green last year – and we still like it.

Photo: Lyndsey Green


For Red Panda fans aged 2 and up: LEGO’s Duplo set Wild Animals of Asia features two Red Pandas. And the Floating Red Panda is also still available


Socks can be a good gift – as long as they are printed with Red Pandas. They are available from Good Luck Sock for women and men.


Artist Jack Bloom works on a new Red Panda game – read more here. In his store, Red Panda fans can find beautiful Red Panda T-shirts.

RED PANDA – Biology and Conservation of the First Panda

A book that we can always recommend: RED PANDA – Biology and Conservation of the First Panda by Angela Glatston. A must-read for Red Panda fans.


Are you searching for a gift that brings joy and helps at the same time? How about a donation or adoption?

You can donate to the Red Panda Network, Flora & Fauna International and WWF Germany or (symbolically) adopt a Red Panda..

Please keep in mind: Red Pandas can NEVER be a gift.

They aren’t pets. Never.