Two Red Panda boys born at Denver Zoo

red panda cubs denver zoo
The Red Panda cubs don’t have names yet. Photo: Denver Zoo

Two male Red Pandas were born on August 27 at Denver Zoo. They live with their mother Faith in a nest box and don’t have names yet.

Each of the two boys have a weight of just over one pound. The cubs will have their public debut in a few weeks, when they’ll be more developed.

Video of the Red Panda cubs

Some days ago, the Red Pandas had one of their regular exams and it seems that they were not very enthusiastic about it. But such checks are necessary to control their weight, temperature and overall wellness:

Second litter

The Red Panda brothers are the second offspring of Faith, who was born in June 2014 at Toronto Zoo, and father Hamlet, born in July 2013 at Lee Richardson Zoo in Kansas. Their first litter, the cubs Lali and Masu, were born in June 2016 at Denver Zoo and left the zoo in April 2017.

Popular Red Pandas Lali and Masu leaving Denver Zoo

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