First Health Check for Red Panda Cub at Perth Zoo

red panda cub perth zoo photo alex asbury
Veterinarian Peter Ricci and Zoo Keeper Marty Boland (r) with Perth Zoo’s Red Panda cub. Photo: Alex Asbury

Perth Zoo in Australia has welcomed a Red Panda cub. The two-month old boy, who hasn’t a name yet, was born to 9-year-old mother Anusha, who was also born at Perth Zoo, and 6-year-old father Makula, from Canberra.

Breeding success

“Our veterinarians gave our furry new arrival a quick health check of its body condition, eyes, teeth, ears and weight,” Perth Zoo Keeper, Marty Boland said. The cub also got vaccinated and microchipped.

red panda cub perth zoo photo alex asbury
A young and healthy Red Panda cub. Photo: Alex Asbury

He is one of 19 Red Pandas who are successfully reared at Perth Zoo since 1997 and is expected to emerge from the nest box in April.

red panda cub perth zoo photo alex asbury
Checking the heartbeat of the little Panda. Photo: Alex Asbury
Also help for rescued Red Pandas in Laos

The zoo also cooperates with the Australian wildlife-protection organisation Free the Bears who rescued six Red Pandas in Laos.  According to Mr. Boland, the Perth Zoo team “are also consulting with Free the Bears, providing advice on appropriate diets and how to reduce heat stress”.

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Check out Perth Zoo’s Wildlife Conservation Action programm which supports Free the Bears and TRAFFIC.

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