The Best Gifts for Red Panda Fans 2023

Photo: Mark DumontCC BY-NC 2.0

What kind of gifts do Red Panda fans enjoy? We have been trying to answer this question for years.

Maybe this year’s – again, highly subjective – selection will help you find one or the other gift for a loved one (including you).


As every year, this list has been researched to the best of our knowledge. Red Pandazine does not receive any commission for this and is not economically connected with any of the manufacturers. All information is without guarantee!



Illustrator Lyndsey Green’s store is a treasure trove for Red Panda fans. This Red Panda Eco Tote Bag, for example, was created from recycled plastic bottles.

Photo: Lyndsey Green

This Mini Guide to Red Pandas is also a nice idea: By the way, buying this (Red Panda) zine supports the Red Panda Network.

Photo: Lyndsey Green

With this Red Panda Washi Tape, you can also pimp up any gift with Red Pandas.

And what would a gift be without a Christmas card? Exactly, these are also available in two very lovingly designed variants: with a zebra and as a snowball fight.



Hands off the smartphone! Hands off the computer! With this gift idea, the recipient can create something with his or her own hands. This Red Panda Embroidery is a small, creative gift that is also suitable for beginners.

Photo: Woven and Wool


And while we’re at it: This adorable Red Panda Mini Puzzle from Mudpuppy is also a great way to get away from the digital world.


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We have already presented the work of Jack Bloom several times – here and here, for example. In his store, Red Panda fans can always find unique Red Panda T-shirts as well.



This Red Panda T-Shirt for “Pandas in Crime” is just one of many Red Panda designs from Teeturtle.



This Red Panda from LEGO DUPLO is actually intended for very young children. But there are also adults who no longer want him to miss.


Made from 80% “sustainable materials” is this Red Panda from PLAYMOBIL Wiltopia. The web app offers additional information about this animal species. Thanks to an augmented reality function, you can even take a selfie with the Red Panda.


Until a few months ago, this Playmobil set (70344) was also still in the range. As of November 2022, it is still partly available on various online marketplaces.



We have already reported about Turning Red extensively. The film has now also been released on Blu-ray/DVD. We also highly recommend the book The Art of Turning Red, which goes into more detail about the visual style of the film.

RED PANDA – Biology and Conservation of the First Panda

A classic that we have recommended several times: The second edition of RED PANDA – Biology and Conservation of the First Panda, the standard work by Angela Glatston, has been published in the fall of 2021. If you want to know more about Red Pandas, you just can’t miss this book.


Protecting Red Pandas is one of the most beautiful gifts.

Donations can be made to the Red Panda Network. You can also adopt Red Pandas (symbolically).

WWF Germany also collects donations for conservation projects. For a donation of €50 or more, you can receive a Red Panda plush toy as a gift.

And many zoos also offer Red Panda adoptions.


Please note that Red Pandas can NEVER be a gift. They are not pets, the trade of them is illegal – Red Pandas aren’t “products”. If you truly love them, leave them where they belong: in the wild or in the care of skilled zoos.