Red Panda graffiti “makes people smile”

roter panda graffiti brandenburg
Photo: Felix Seliger-Büssow/FIX77

This huge Red Panda welcomes passengers at the Petershagen-Nord S-Bahn station in Brandenburg, Germany. Street artist Felix Seliger-Büssow (“FIX77”) has created this graffiti as a contribution to an art project about the Asian wildlife.

„FIX77“ worked about 6 hours on the Panda motif. It took nearly 24 hours to produce the whole painting at the station – together with his street artist colleague „Leroy“.

“There were only positive resonances, but many people thought it was a fox,” says Seliger-Büssow. “I could observe that the Red Panda graffiti makes the people smile on the way to the train and work.”

roter panda graffiti unterführung
Photo: Felix Seliger-Büssow/FIX77

Felix Seliger-Büssow
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Check out FIX77’s website for more designs. You can also find him on Facebook.

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