The best gifts for Red Panda fans – 2018

red panda presents mark dumont

For me? Really? Photo: „Panda Presents 1“ by Mark Dumont on flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0

There are many ways to make a fan of Red Pandas happy at Christmas. We have put together a very subjective selection of our favourite gift ideas here.

Note: This list was made by us, we receive no bonus for it (and do not want any). All data, including all prices, are without guarantee!


For trendy Red Pandas

Red Panda in Space T-Shirt

The First Panda! There are several “Red Pandas in space” T-shirt designs in the online shopping galaxy. But so far, none has implemented it as consistently as this Red Panda in Space T-Shirt. Price: $20,- (approx. €18,-)


Photo: Pandaware

Pandaware is a new fashion and design shop that puts Red Pandas in the spotlight. Very good! A part of the revenue is donated for the protection of the animals. Even better! Photo: the Basic Panda PillowPrice: from $22,50,- (approx. €20,-)

For free Red Pandas

Free The Bears gift shop

The Australian animal welfare organisation Free The Bears has rescued Red Pandas in Laos this year and built a new home for them. The Free The Bears online shop offers Christmas cards and lots of adorable stuffed animals. You can also send a donation as a gift!

For fibre-rich Red Pandas

Stationery made from very natural raw materials

Red Pandas eat so much bamboo, that their droppings can be used to make stationery. Longleat Zoo (UK) offers this very special product but unfortunately we haven’t found a way to order it online yet.

For travelling Red Pandas

Zoo encounters with Red Pandas

Wellington Zoo Red Panda Close Encounter

Photo: “Wellington Zoo Red Panda Close Encounter” by Jem Yoshioka on flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0 

Zoos around the world offer the possibility to meet Red Pandas. We have a summary about these offers here.


Go to Nepal and experience Red Pandas in the wild! The Red Panda Network fulfils this wish. The 8-day long Ecotrip brings you closer to Nepal’s nature and culture. There are special tours for zoo staff and photography enthusiasts. Price: $2,350, – (approx. 2,100 euro) – excl. flights to/from Nepal

Red Panda Carry On

At Valley Zoo Development Society’s shop you can find this Red Panda Carry On which, thanks to its design, guarantees that there will be no more confusion at the baggage claim area at the airport. Price: $169,- (approx. €150,-) 

For supportive Red Pandas

Donations and adoptions

You can (symbolic) adopt a Red Panda and get a certificate of the Red Panda Network. Regular donations can also be contributed.

Red Panda Network also cooperates with so called Forest Guardians who work to protect the Red Pandas. You can also support the Forest Guardians.

The WWF Germany is working in Indian state Sikkim on conservation projects for the Red Panda, donations can be contributed here.

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