Saved Red Pandas in Laos are recovering

Video: Free The Bears (edited by Red Pandazine)

There is good news from the three Red Pandas in Laos, which were rescued from smugglers earlier this year by the animal welfare organisation “Free The Bears” – Red Pandazine reported.

red pandas laos free the bears
One of the female Red Pandas in the nesting box. Photo: Free The Bears

The three female Red Pandas – one of them is called Santephaap, the others still carry the nicknames Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee – are recovering quite well from the exertions, according to “Free The Bears”. They are now much quieter and more relaxed.

Their sex was determined during a detailed health check.

red panda laos free the bears
For two of the Red Pandas a name is still being sought. Photo: Free The Bears

The trio currently lives in a transitional enclosure in the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary in Laos. Specially built nesting boxes with mist systems offer the animals protection from the heat.

Plans for the future

“Free The Bears” is currently examining several plans for the future of Red Pandas. There is also the possibility that the animals will be released back into the wild. “We’re unsure how long this process will take”, Rod Mabin of “Free The Bears” says.

rote pandas laos free the bears
One of the Red Pandas nibbles on the bamboo. Photo: Free The Bears
New sponsor, new home

In the meantime, the Red Pandas will get a new forest enclosure. The so-called “Small Carnivore Conservation Centre” (SCCC) in the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary will be made possible with the financial support of the “Feral Wild Animal Project”.

red panda free the bears
This photo was taken at the end of March. Photo: Free The Bears

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