Red Panda boy Turner born at Longleat

red panda cub longleat
This little Red Panda boy has been named Turner. Photo: Longleat

It’s the fourth successful Red Panda birth at Longleat (England) in the last three years: Red Panda mother Rufina gave birth to a male cub, which has been named Turner. His father is Ajendra, who came to Longleat from Germany in 2012.

red panda cub longleat
“A very large, healthy baby!” Photo: Longleat
A big boy

“At first we thought Rufina could be having twins again as she was so heavy; however it turned out she just had one very large, healthy baby!”, Keeper Samantha Allworthy said.

red panda cub longleat
Turner and Keeper Samantha Allworthy. Photo: Longleat

According to her, the parents are “fantastic” and the keepers try to interfere as little as possible.

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