The best gifts for Red Panda fans – 2020

rote panda geschenke
It’s time for gifts. Photo: Marc Dumont/flickrCC BY-NC 2.0

Looking for a gift for a Red Panda fan (or just for you)? We hope our list full of gift ideas will help.

As always, we have researched this list to the best of our knowledge and belief – we have no economic relationship with any of the listed stores or organizations and receive no financial compensation for this.


Red Pandas to go

There are many designs with red pandas. But few are as lovely as the handmade small bags from Feles Creations in Modena, Italy.

rote panda etui
You can choose between a case for writing utensils and bits and pieces …
Red Panda Portemonnaie
… a wallet and …
kulturtasche kulturbeutel roter panda
… and a clutch bag. Photos: Feles Creations

Besides the bags Feles Creations also offers a Red Panda pendant.

A good year

The Red Panda has made it into the art print calendar 2021 of WWF Germany. Available from a donation of 150 € upwards. (The website is only available in German)

Panda from the past

This picture taken from the classic zoological reference book “Brehms Tierleben” …

brehms roter panda
Photo: Public Domain/Wikimedia Commons

… is also available as digitally enhanced art print from LolaGiftDesign on Etsy.

Red Panda Cookie Cutter

This gift idea has nothing to do with the popular panda cookies, which are often fed in zoos.

However, we think the cookie cutters from Bakerlogy are very pretty. The two motifs – a sleeping and a sitting Red Panda – are also available in a cheaper double pack.

Photo: Bakerlogy
Snuggle and help
Roter Panda Plüschtier
There is no such thing as “having too many Red Panda plush animals”. Photo: Red Pandazine

The Red Panda Network enables you to adopt a Red Panda in the wild (symbolically) – from $50 you can get a small and from $100 a large red panda cuddly toy as a gift.

Anyone who supports WWF Germany can also enjoy a plush red panda from a donation of €50 upwards. (The website is only available in German)

In 2018, the Australian animal welfare organization Free The Bears rescued Red Pandas from the hands of smugglers. Three of the animals, which survived the strains, are now being cared for in the Luang Prabang Wildlife Sanctuary. In the Free The Bears store you can support  Mei, Zhu and Santy. by buying a plush animal or a hand puppet.

No, no and no

And because we are already on the topic: Illegal offers to buy Red Pandas are sometimes popping up online – but please keep your hands off them! The black market is a serious threat for this species. You can find more information here and at Red Panda Network.

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